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You just discover the universe of Clash Royale?


You already know how to play in the arena but are looking for more info about the game?


You are already an expert and want to know every detail about the game?

Guide Part

Find out every thing you want to know about the game from the basics to every detail of the cards or the gameplay! Clash Royale will have no more secrets for you!

Discover the universe of Clash Royale!

Navigate through this complete guide to discover every detail of the game. The guide is optimized for iPhone and iPad and of course everything in HD!

Complete analysis of each card!

From the general presentation to detailed strategies... learn how to use each card of the game and don't forget to check out the trivia section!

Complete statistics of each card!

You want to know stats of your favorite cards and how they will evolve through the upgrades? Check out the Stats part for hitpoints, hit speed, damage, range, upgrade cost and many more information!

Basics and gameplay information

Learn the battle basics, which cards are unlocked at each arena, how level increase will upgrade your towers, and every gameplay detail from trophies, achievements, to gems and gold!

Strategy Part

Find out tons of information about strategies, tactics and tips adapted to beginner, intermediate or expert players. Want more? Let's introduce the ultimate Deck Builder!

Profile and battle decks creation

Create your own profile and manage up to 9 battle decks!

Log your battles and track your progress!

After each battle, you can easily log your battle result to keep track of your progress and update stats of your battle decks. Thanks to those stats you will know if your deck is good... or if you should change it ;)

Deck suggestion! (beta)

Need some inspiration to create your deck? Get deck suggestions based on your profile and what all players have already logged! As we are just starting the deck builder, the suggestions may not be always perfect but it will adjust through time don't worry ;)

Best decks selection!

Find out what are the best decks of the moment! Rate and share them! And who knows... you will maybe be on top of our best decks list!

Video Part

Here you go for high quality videos from the best players to make you grow!

Check out all official videos.

You would like to check all official videos about Clash Royale? This is the place to be!

Start the game with tour and tips.

Get full presentation of the game by the best YouTubers!

Analyze strategies to make your own!

Check out the best Clash Royale videos to learn strategies related to your experience!

Get extra bonus videos to be a part of Clash Royale community!

You would like to know what a Giant Tombstone look like or review the first Clash Royale YouTuber tournament? Enter Clash Royale universe with those special videos!

Social Part

Starting with our last update, we introduce the first features of our social part!

Participate to our contests to win FREE gems!

Simply create your profile and use the guide to participate to our contests! Actions you do will increase your points and if you are among the firsts at the end of the contest period, win TONS of FREE GEMS!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Follow us on social networks to get all info! Found a best deck useful, why not sharing it on Facebook or Twitter? It can also be useful to other players!

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