How to win FREE gems? Participate to our contests!

We are introducing contests in our new update of "Complete Guide for Clash Royale" app! Participate for free to win TONS of gems to use in the game!

It's really simple:

  • First, download the app on the AppStore
  • Create an account within the app. Be careful to use a valid email address as it is the one to use to claim your prize if you win!
  • Use the app to collect point for your actions. Check valid actions below.
  • Check the winners at the end of the contest period! The 4 people who collect the highest amount of points will win the prizes!

And the wiiinnneers of our 2nd contest are?

For the 1st place

Meche1037 wins 2,500 gems!

For the 2nd place

Platini29 wins 1,200 gems!

For the 3rd and 4th places

Vampirusrus and Sangokuing win 500 gems each!

The 2nd contest started on Wednesday, April 27th at 00:00 GMT and ended on Wednesday, May 11th at 23:59 GMT

Thanks to all of you, for the 3rd contest, we will keep the pace and the prizes!

For the 1st place

2,500 gems to win!

For the 2nd place

1,200 gems to win!

For the 3rd and 4th places

500 gems to win for each place!

Note: If several people have the exact same amount of points and are among the highest scores, we will randomly select the winners among them.

Create your account and participate!

What can I do in the app to collect points?

  • Log a battle -> You get points for each battle logged.
  • Rate and share a best deck on Facebook -> You get points for each best deck shared.
  • Rate and share a best deck on Twitter -> You get points for each best deck shared.
  • Rate the app on the AppStore -> You get points for each version of the app you rated.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • More actions coming up!

Important: Likes and follows are not reset between each contest. Points will be granted to you at the end of the contest period if you are still liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter! So if you already liked us or followed us for the first contest, you have nothing to do to get your points at the end of the 2nd contest!

Note: To let a chance to every one to win, we reserved ourselves the right to withdraw any one who are not participating fairly.
For instance, logging massively battle results is not appropriate as this app is designed to log your real battles' results.

How long last the contest?

  • The 3rd contest is planned on a 2 weeks period to give some time to every one to participate.
  • The 3rd contest starts on Wednesday, June 1st at 00:00 GMT and ends on Wednesday, June 15th at 23:59 GMT.
  • The winners of the contest will be announced on the following day on this same page. Winners will have to contact us within 30 days via the email used to create their account to claim their prize. No other email will be accepted.

Download it for free!